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“Manifest quality”

Welcome to the Internet portal of Medicor Hand Instrument Co.

“Success depends on adapting to new situations” – these are the words of Jeffrey Eugenides, the American Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, and he sounds to be very much right in view of today’s modern world, because a company can survive and work efficiently only if it is capable of adapting itself to the continuously changing demands of the continuously changing world at all times.This is what we have been doing for nearly six decades in the field of the manufacturing of medical hand instruments. Medicor Hand Instrument Co. is Hungary’s leading and one of the world’s reputable manufacturers and distributors of medical hand instruments, and has had the desire to meet both professional and quality challenges in the past, present and future alike.
Since its foundation, this company of outstanding traditions has changed a lot in terms of operating profile, organizational structure, headcount of employees, but one thing has always remained unchanged: we keep deploying high standards and quality in making our hand instruments, devices whose use, application is essential in today’s modern medicine. Our achievements are clearly proven by the National Quality Award and European Quality Award (EFQM) earned for the ongoing maintenance and development of quality, as well as the fact that our instruments are present in a number of countries all over the world from the United States to Japan.
With its broad selection of instruments, Medicor Hand Instrument Co. is the only domestic manufacturer that has a distinguished place among European companies manufacturing medical hand tools. Our successes are owing to our highly skilled, innovative and committed employees and managers. In alignment with the expectations, new challenges, demanding requirements of the world, we have formulated our strategy as based on following key pillars: innovation – development, introduction of new instruments, high-standard product manufacturing, strengthening of our market positions and penetration to new market. Furthermore, wide-scaling social participation, particularly our support to the domestic training and education of physicians and hospitals, thereby contributing to quality curing, is regarded to be important, as well.

Péter Nagy
Chief Executive Officer


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